You're Invited

Hi ladies,

This year, Woven enters its fifth year and it feels like yesterday that a small "team" drove to a retreat center, walked the campus, and looked out over Gull Lake. That's where an idea became a tangible vision. It's where God's promptings became clear intention and direction.

Over the years, Woven has grown from 150 to 350 attendees and our registration day has gone from slow and steady to frantic and SOLD OUT. We've added an overflow lodging option, brought in more volunteers, partnered with new organizations. We've learned through our growing pains and dreamed into the future. But mostly, Woven continues to be a few adoptive moms sitting at a booth in Panera with computers open and notepads filled with ideas and to-do lists as we prayerfully plan this retreat. Although we've grown, it's important to us that each individual woman who walks into this weekend feels that we personally thought of her. Our group may be bigger, but our vision is still to make every individual feel special and cared for.

...our vision is still to make every individual feel special and cared for.

Someone once asked me how I measure success with Woven. My answer was two-fold: First, have we done everything to the best of our ability? And second, do they come back? Team Woven is grateful for all those who have come back year after year and for all those new faces that have taken a chance on us. Your words have encouraged us. Your hugs have fueled us. Your tears have shown us this is worthwhile stuff. We promise to keep doing our best and giving you a thoughtful weekend.

So will you join us for year 5? Give yourself the gift of a weekend. Your kids will be grateful for a mom who teaches them the value of self-care and who returns to parent with a full tank. Woven's goal for this retreat is simple: that each and every one of you will leave feeling WELL LOVED in so many ways. Now who could say "no" to that?

Until we meet in 2020,